Where I End and You Begin


"To the girl who always asks. This is love, this is what i mean."

In images where words fall short but where hue and frame evoke more than the mind, shapes and image answer your perennial question. They show that we are balance, as though night and day; a sort of yin and yang. The very differences that tear us surprisingly are the very forces that bring us together - disagreements and compromise, hate and attraction, distance and intimacy, even in death and life, Life's journey and moments. So the next time you ask and I still cannot say, may our memories be a love song to the girl who always asks.” 

Being in a relationship, I've always been asked what my definition of love is.Instead of putting it into words, I chose to portray it through my photos. A visual diary of the different moments, thoughts, and imagery that I think best describes my definition of love.

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